Access Ramp Arch Bridge at Elm Street over the Bronx River

This project involved collaboration between Delta Precast and Transportation engineers providing design expertise for the renovation of the Elm Street arch bridge located adjacent to the Bronx Parkway in Tuckahoe, NY. This bridge allows commuters to both enter and exit this busy thoroughfare.

Special attention was required to maintain the historical aesthetics of the existing bridge as plans called for the existing ringstone to be removed, numbered, modified and reinstalled in the identical location. The preserved masonry would then be connected to the new precast concrete arched fascia panels with dovetails 18” on center, using stone ties to secure the masonry.

The Precast Bridge Decking
Designed by Delta Transportation Group bridge engineers, the bridge decking required 10 prestressed, 40 foot deck slabs with connection provisions in order to align the precast arches to the slabs.

The Precast Fascia Panels

The precast fascia panels required heavy galvanized reinforcing and a specially designed plate with welded eight-bar assemblies cast into the fascia bottoms. The first fascia shipped was a three-piece assembly. The panels were braced and required field welding of the bottom supports to double one-inch plates using epoxied rods into the foundation. The separate assembly sections were joined by receiving pockets with galvanized rebar loops. When installed, a mid-plate and bottom plate of adjoining sections were field welded together, double reinforcing bar was placed into the loops, and the pocket was grouted. The second fascia was designed and shipped in a two-piece assembly for ease of installation. The arches were post-tensioned in the field, connecting the fascia to the bridge slabs.

LHV Precast, Inc. contracted with Delta Precast to provide handling calculations, structural design, shop drawings, and a PE stamped layout.

Location: Tuckahoe, New York