Centerway Arch Bridge Precast Fascia Panels

This project required the design and preparation of detailed shop drawings for 112 precast fascia panels for an existing 7 span arch bridge. The dimensions of each panel were designed to match the bridge fascia and the decorative fluting on the exposed created to match the adjacent panels. Due to the variations in elevation, slope and arch shape of the bridge, each panel required precise individual detailing. The tops of the panels were designed to be sloped at varying degrees and the bottom panels were broken into two chords that closely matched the above arch shape.
Delta Precast provided the structural design and detailed shop drawings, including panel dimensions, fluting layout bar schedules and lifter placement. The design for each of the 112 panels was unique and contingent on the adjacent panel. To ensure the seamless fabrication and installation at the project site, months of detailed effort were required.

Location: Corning, NY