City of Columbus, OH Bio Retention Basin Design

The City of Columbus, OH has led the way in green infrastructure design by implementing a four-pillar program known as ‘Blueprint Columbus’. This long-term civil engineering project targets older Columbus neighborhoods where sanitary and storm sewer systems had been combined. The new infrastructure prevents rainwater from getting into sanitary sewers and precast bio retention basins capture and hold stormwater, allowing runoff to slowly filtrate into strategically located swales.
United Precast Industries, Inc. teamed with Delta to provide conceptual drawings, shop drawings and design calculations for up to 56 bio retention units, ranging in size from 20 feet to 130 feet long and weighing up to 20,000 pounds. Precast units were selected over the pour-in-place method to allow for minimal open excavations and to minimize street closures. Repairs could also be more easily made if damage were to occur to the basin since an individual panel could be replaced instead of an entire unit. The units were placed in the Morse/Dominion neighborhood of Columbus, OH.

Location: Columbus, oh