County Bridge #360 Over Shawagunk kill – Bridge Rehabilitation

This $1.46 million project involves the rehabilitation of County Bridge 360 over Shawangunk Kill (BIN 3344360) in Sullivan County, NY and the reconstruction of approximately 150 feet of the bridge approach roadways. The existing bridge is a 172 foot two span steel beam structure.

The project includes superstructure replacement with new galvanized steel beams and a composite concrete “link-slab” deck, bearing replacement, concrete pedestal modifications, substructure repairs and jointless bridge deck details.

Work tasks include design survey and mapping, detailed hydraulic analysis, development of a design report, preliminary and final bridge and roadway design, environmental documentation, public participation, advertisement and bidding services and construction support and inspection services.

It is a locally-managed federally-funded “Bridge NY” project, which mandated use of New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) design procedures and criteria and an adherence to an 18 month consultant design schedule.

Location: Sullivan County, NY