Dunkirk, NY Water Pollution Control Precast Building

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes, providing 20% of the fresh water on the planet, 95% of all fresh water to North America. In the 1960s, Lake Erie was considered ‘dead’ and then revived by the 1972 Clean Water Act, signed into law by President Nixon, giving the EPA authority to implement wastewater pollution control programs.
Located on the shores of Lake Erie, the City of Dunkirk, NY is like many struggling municipalities; they’re trying to serve today’s growing industries and population utilizing aging wastewater infrastructure built in the 1960s and 1970s.
In November 2017, the City of Dunkirk broke ground at their wastewater treatment facility, implementing a $14.5 million dollar upgrade which includes replacement of various sewer lines, storm water pumping, aeration system/blowers, mechanical bar screen, compactor/control package equipment, grit removal system, solids/sludge stabilization system, new pumps, emergency generator, SCADA system, boiler and various concrete improvements.
Lakelands Concrete Products, Inc., contracted with Delta Precast for structural design services, including stamped professional engineered drawings, for an 18’x18’ insulated, modular precast concrete building. The sandwich panels have an exposed aggregate exterior finish with a light broom interior finish. The building was set on a raised cast-in-place pedestal. The two-piece roof has an opening for an equipment access hatch.
The building will replace existing outdated infrastructure and be used as a ‘grit chamber’, housing mission-critical wastewater processing equipment. The project was due to be completed in the summer of 2018.

Location: Dunkirk, NY