Gates Canyon Park Stormwater Retention System

Much of the Los Angeles (County) watershed has been identified as impaired for not meeting water quality standards under the Clean Water Act.

Precon Products of Simi Valley, contracted with Delta Precast to design a stormwater retention system to be installed at Gates Canyon Park in Calabasas to help mitigate pollutants from entering tributaries leading to the Santa Monica Bay.

Using the ‘Storm Prism’ system, a proprietary design owned by Precon Products. The ‘stacked’ table design functions as an underground cistern, covering 3.5 acres within the park, which will capture and treat over 12 million gallons of runoff each year.

The stormwater will be diverted to a catch basin where trash and debris will be collected. Water will continue to a 3.5-acre underground cistern. The cistern will utilize two pumps. One pump will convey stormwater through an ozone generator and ultra-violet treatment to be used for irrigation of the park and the other pump will be used to divert stormwater to infiltration wells for groundwater recharge.

Location: Gates Canyon Park, CA