Gravois Greenway Section Pedestrian Tunnel

Great Rivers Greenway is the public agency connecting the St. Louis region with a plan of 45 greenways totaling 600 miles.
Wieser Concrete contracted with Delta Precast to design a 16’ x 11’ x 8’ box culvert, inlet/outlet headwalls, as well as stamped drawings for the State of Missouri.

The culvert will be utilized as a pedestrian underpass within the 2-mile Gravois Greenway portion of the trail, connecting two existing greenways, the River des Peres and the Orlando.

There were several design challenges since the culvert was set on a slope, both end sections and headwalls had to be skewed so the walls were completely vertical.

Another challenge was the underpass needed to meet up with a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall, (MSE). Also, the construction site had a small footprint, located near a major interstate.

An asphalt trail will run through the tunnel with upward lighting from the ground shining on white walls. Additionally, a steel sign will be mounted on the precast headwalls.

Location: St. Louis Region, Missouri