Hoboken’s Northwest Resiliency Park Stormwater Cistern

To help mitigate repetitive flooding and protect infrastructure from another tropical storm, the City of Hoboken, NJ is constructing a new, five-acre public park that will become the country’s largest known resiliency park with an above ground green space, athletic fields, and ice rink. Below grade will feature an underground water detention system designed to withhold nearly two million gallons of rainwater and runoff.

Delta Precast was contracted by Rotondo Environmental Solutions to design a 50,000 gallon underground cistern which will collect and reuse rainwater to irrigate the park’s lawn and plants.

The cistern, or (StormPod) consists of a ten foot and 7 foot system with 180 and 360 degree arches for 1 foot to 18 foot earth cover. The 6,000psi concrete is reinforced with a combination of ASTM A615 grade 60bar and 3.0 pounds/cyd or Tuf-Strand fibers and can assume an equivalent fluid pressure of 60pcf. The project is due to be completed in late 2022.

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey