Hoover Dam Gateway Monument

As part of Nevada’s Southern US 95 and US 93 Landscape and Aesthetics Master Plan for the Nevada State Highway System, gateway welcome signs are being installed by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), utilizing materials, colors and landscaping to coincide with the surrounding aesthetics.

Delta was contracted by Universal Precast Concrete, Inc. to provide design computations for the cast-in-place (CIP) footing, as well as the (20 feet by 8 feet) segmental precast monument. The monument is a gateway welcome sign located along the northbound Interstate 11 (U.S. Highway 93), near the Arizona border and just past the Hoover Dam Bridge. Other services included a reinforcement summary, connection details and stamped engineering drawings.

The CIP (13 feet by 8 feet 6 inches) concrete plinth features eight-precast concrete segments at 4,500 psi, designed to AASHTO LRFD 8th edition, color-pigmented to reflect the natural surroundings and designed with a (6 feet 10 inch by 10 feet 1 inch) inset state silhouette to accept the blue Nevada crest.

The segments, (weighing a total of 60,000 pounds) were cast with two large vertical voids then dry-stacked, threading each segment over vertical rebar projecting from the footing. The segment voids were grouted two at a time to tie the pieces together, using internal vibration for grout compaction.

The monument will welcome visitors day and night as it contains a Photo-voltaic panel (PV), providing continual energy-efficient lighting.

Location: Clark County, Nevada