IOWA DOT 17th Street 10’x5′ Culvert

The City of Dubuque received funding for improvements to the 17th Street and West Locust Street storm sewer to prevent the ongoing flooding that has plagued the area.
Delta Precast was contracted by Wieser Concrete to provide design computations and drawings, along with a reinforcing summary for 1,113’ of 10’ x 5’ box culverts running along 17th Street from Elm Street to Heeb Street. For ease of handling, the installer requested 6’ sections, totaling 190 pieces.
The overall project included the reconstruction of the street and relocation of all underground utilities along the entire length of the affected storm sewer within the street right-of-way.
Installing a large box culvert down the middle of residential streets proved challenging because of the utility relocation and high traffic area. However, the installation process went smoothly, starting in late July and ending on November 2nd, 2018.
Future projects will extend this large storm sewer to prevent residential flooding in other surrounding areas. The estimated completion date of the entire project is 2021.

Location: Dubuque, IA