Little Silver Lake Precast Sluice and Tidal Gates

Little Silver Lake is a land-locked reservoir located closely to the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ boardwalk. It is the drainage point for approximately 250 acres of the town’s storm-water runoff. Residents in the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach voted to implement a $2.4 M project to mitigate flooding by removing 21,500 cubic yards of sediment from the lake to increase its water containment. Along with the replacement of an existing bulkhead, pipes needed to be reconstructed to extend through the bulkhead and the installation of self-regulating tidal gates was required.

Delta Precast provided structural design and shop drawings for precast sluice gates (13’x11’x6’x12”) to control water levels and flow rates and two tidal gate chambers (13’x17’x11’x12”) to prevent water from flowing the other direction. This project came with tight deadlines, as construction needed to be completed by the 2018 Memorial Day tourist season and was hampered by inclement weather. Garden State Precast, Inc. and Delta Precast engineers worked together to meet those deadlines, submitting design computations in March and completing the entire project just days before the holiday.

Location: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ