Rosamond-Gifford Zoo Elephant Tunnel

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY is expanding their Asian Elephant Preserve from 4.5 acres to over 6 acres and replacing the current boardwalk with a new visitor walkway which will offer better views of the elephants, white-lipped deer and red wolves.
The elephant crossing features a precast tunnel, where visitors can walk overhead, while elephants pass-thru to other areas of the preserve, creating an engaging environment for each to see eye-to-eye.
Binghamton Precast & Supply contracted with Delta Precast for design computations, reinforcing summary, drawing review and stamped professional engineer drawings.
The tunnel measures eight feet wide and sixteen feet high, with (120) elements of reinforced steel rebar, all wire-tied and held in place with plastic chairs and rebar stirrups. It was shipped with the wood forms left in place to prevent the interlocking joint of the top sections from breaking during transit. The elephant preserve expansion project is due to be completed by spring 2019.

Location: Syracuse, NY