Van Dyke III Housing Development Precast Staircase

Image Courtesy of SLCE Architects

Van Dyke III, (formerly Dumont Commons) is a mixed-use affordable housing development situated within the Van Dyke Houses campus in the Brooklyn, NY Brownsville neighborhood. At 12 stories and 205,500 square feet, the building is comprised of 188 apartments, with 30% of the apartments reserved for previously ‘homeless’ individuals.
The building design is concrete block with a precast concrete plank superstructure sitting on a poured-in-place concrete pedestal base. The exterior is a combination of architectural brick veneer with accents of aluminum composite metal paneling.
Bethlehem Pre-Cast, Inc. in Bethlehem, PA, contracted with Delta Precast to compile design computations for stairs, landings and connections, as well as providing stamped New York PE drawings. The largest stair spanned a 16’-11/2” horizontal length in the building and is 3’-6 1/2” wide, weighing 9,674 pounds.

Location: Brooklyn, NY