City of Indianapolis Precast Concrete Pedestrian Promenade

This high visibility project was designed for the City of Indianapolis as a part of the preparation for hosting Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012. A 3 block pedestrian promenade that was originally conceived as primarily a cast-in-place (CIP) concrete project was re-engineered to be a primarily precast concrete project solution. Delta Precast was responsible for the design of the precast concrete components of the new solution including precast beams, utility vaults, stormwater sluiceways and other system components.

This project featured innovative uses for precast concrete and a focus on environmentally-sound infrastructure principles. The underground drainage system collects storm runoff that has filtered through a 3 foot sand basin and recycles it for use by the architectural landscaping. In addition to the green advantages, the precast solution offered great benefits in regard to removing project schedule uncertainties.

Designing the project with precast components accelerated the construction phase, reduced onsite labor requirements while increasing the workplace safety, and permitted flexibility on the job site to handle integration with poorly documented existing utility installations. The final design solution employed involved segmented L-shaped walls on each side of the drainage trenches.

Delta Precast also designed several 10 x 18 foot utility vaults with a 12 foot internal diameter in two pieces that included H20 rated aluminum hatches and a fiberglass-grated partial false floor for drainage. Additional engineering creativity was required to design workarounds for an undocumented manhole that was encountered during construction.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana