Lyndhurst Junior High School Stone Strong System Retaining Walls

Delta contracted with Garden State Precast, Inc. on the site specific design of a 40-foot tall retaining wall as part of an extensive capital improvement project that affected the Columbus, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Roosevelt and Lyndhurst School districts. This retaining wall was necessary due to the varied topography at the Lyndhurst Junior High School, located in Lyndhurt Township, NJ, which included a 30-foot drop.

Delta provided Global Slope Stability Calculations on eight new reinforced retaining walls, utilizing Geogrid, Gravity and No Batter Geogrid systems. To reduce the building load on the wall and bring the installation envelope farther from the school, the design included the use of heavy geogrid. Recycled concrete/reinforced backfill were used to fill in the gap between the native retained soil and the stone strong units after construction.

Location: Lyndhurt Township, New Jersey